Henry Schaefer
Salt Lake City UT | Portland OR


vSpatial - Software Engineer
Employed Since May 2018   |   C#   Unity   Oculus SDK   SteamVR SDK

After a summer internship in 2017 and graduating from the University of Utah, started a full-time position in May 2018. Working with a small team of developers and designers on a virtual reality productivity and collaboration app.

Check out their website here.
Northern Embedded Solutions - Student Intern
Summer 2016   |   Python   PyQt   ROS

Worked on object avoidance for a Clearpath Husky UGV robot using a Velodyne LiDAR and ROS. Implemented FLIR thermal video streaming over a base station network to a laptop. Created an application for launching demos on the Husky and Clearpath Jackal robots using PyQt.

Fall 2017 - Spring 2018   |   C#   Unity

Lead Engineer & Creator. Worked with a team of 15 during senior year at the University of Utah. Telophase is a pixel-art dungeon crawler set in ancient egypt where you project your soul into enemies to damage them. Featuring 15 levels and 3 unique boss fights, Telophase takes heavy inspiration from popular indie games like Enter the Gungeon and Hyper Light Drifter.

Check it out on Steam and itch.io.

Parts Per Million (10-6)
Spring 2017   |   C#   Unity

UI Engineer. Worked with a group of 8 to develop a real-time city building game with an emphasis on sustainability. Place buildings on a procedurally generated island and try to make your population grow as much as possible. Making unsustainable choices may boost your population in the short term, but increases your chance of natural disasters that can destroy your infrastructure.

Fall 2016   |   C#   Unity

Lead Engineer. Ran$ack is a couch-competitive burglary brawler where players battle their friends in a 2v2 competitive heist. Developed with a small group of 2 designers and 1 artist.